PowerGEM® Green Energy Module

PowerGEM® is an intelligent power supply utilizing ultracapacitor technology as the power source, for an environmentally friendly solution when compared to batteries. PowerGEM also provides in-system health monitoring and tracking for a highly reliable solution that will operate over the life of the system without conditioning or replacement.

Key Features

  • Battery-free
  • Continuous health monitoring & tracking
  • Auto charge/discharge management
  • RoHS, REACH, UL compliant
  • Up to 55°C operating temp
  • Up to 5-year operating life

Benefits vs Batteries

  • Fast charge time (seconds vs hours)
  • No conditioning/learn cycles
  • Long shelf life
  • High temperature operation
  • Environmentally friendly


AGIGACAP™ Ultracapacitor

AgigA Tech has established a reliability test lab in Chengdu, China and has been continuously testing ultracaps for nearly 10 years amassing a significant amount of test data that is unmatched in the industry. The test lab continues to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. AgigA Tech has tested the ultracap offerings of multiple manufacturers, and at extended operating temperatures and voltages. Based on this extensive test data, AgigA Tech has selected the most reliable ultracap products to incorporate into the PowerGEM modules.